Pop Addled 039 – Carpe Dentum

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Last week a comedy legend died and we do our best to remember him through his work. Other topics include idiotic comments made by men named Smith and the problems with ESPN.

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Pop Addled Classics 012 – Agents of D.E.L.C.O.

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Topics this week include the good, the bad, and the ugly of Delaware County bars, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on TV, and a Top 5 to go with our bar conversation.

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A DC Reader’s Lament

Fair warning, spoilers abound!


To those who have listened to our podcast, you should be well aware of my feelings when it comes to the endless fanboy debate of DC vs. Marvel. When I was first introduced to comics it was in the 90’s during Jim Lee and Chris Claremont’s brief but unstoppable run on X-Men, specifically issue no. 11. The X-Men are trapped on Mojoworld and forced and manipulated into doing battle with each other for the sake of Mojo’s twisted reality programming. I must have read that issue thousands of times, since even now as an adult I can remember almost every panel. A few years later though, DC “killed” Superman and broke Batman’s back. Even then I could care less about Superman, but I was curious about the Batman story, so I checked it out. One especially memorable panel in the Knightfall arc was when Nightwing shows up at Wayne manor with an axe to grind over the fact that Bruce trusted Jean Paul Valley, a relatively unknown and untested new addition to the Bat-lore, instead of himself to take over the mantle of the Bat. Instantly I was intrigued by this character Dick Grayson (who would incidentally wear the cowl himself just a short while later in the Prodigal story arc). Nightwing immediately replaced Wolverine as my favorite character in comics. Since then DC Comics has been my default favorite comic book publisher.


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Comic Closet: Colossus

Originally posted on First Appearance Comics and Games:

Top 5 Costumes:  Colossus

One of the X-Men’s biggest and best bruisers, Colossus, has been around the block a few times.  He has even been in the not-so-elite club of X-Men that have died and comeback to us years later.  For a man that can turn his skin to organic steel, he really doesn’t need to have much of a fashion sense.  You don’t like what he wears, he breaks you.  Luckily this hulking Russian has had some fantastic costumes over the year.  There have been so many in fact, we had to make some tough choices as to what made constituted Colossus’ best costumes.  On the other end, even the decision as to what his worst costume was became a struggled debate as he has had a couple of unfortunate choices.  In the end we chose what we believe are the best, and which was the worst.  See below…

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Philly Fans Front-Runners?

I have never heard of Manish Tripathi so I especially don’t know how his opinion matters when it comes to writing about sports, but a couple months ago he wrote this piece about bandwagon baseball fans. Basically he attempts to analyze baseball fans based off of in depth analysis and evidence; not subjective opinions.

As I read his piece I began to buy into what he was saying as I was wowed with fancy business terms and MBA models. It was like I was talking to my older brother who also speaks with these terms in casual conversation. After I finished the first part I thought, okay, interesting…he’s onto something here. Then I got to the second part

I’m not gonna re-read this part to you but basically the writer discovers his “analysis” proves that Philly fans are the #1 bandwagon fans. Then he goes on to say “This fits the stereotype of Philadelphia fans as aggressive, demanding fans that are willing to cheer injuries and boo Santa.” and that’s when my Philly blood started to boil. I wrote a little something about the NHL Draft and I brought up how any national media moron that mentions these blanket statements about Philly clearly has no clue what a Philly fan is and therefore their opinion is null and void to me. But I realized that my initial reaction was probably bias and this writer has some validity to his data. It’s definitely true that I don’t go to games when the Phillies stink. I started to question my Philly Phandom…

I quickly erased this blasphemous piece from my memory. Then the following 2 months that brings us to today I realized that everyday I was online reading Phillies news. I was looking up obscure Phillies stats to compare and contrast players/teams across the league. I was scouring the internet to find anything regarding trade rumors or possible prospects in the Phillies minor league system (which if you know anything about baseball you know the Phils have no prospects). All while I did this I always had the Phillies on my TV or I was listening to Philly sports talk radio where I’d guess 75% of callers were talking about the Phils. And then it hit me. Fuck Manish Tripathi I am absolutely not a front-runner! Maybe I don’t go to games, but does that make me a bandwagon fan? I still love my Phillies and deeply care about the team. And from listening to the radio it’s obvious the rest of Philly also cares about the Phillies. So this nobody writer’s definition of bandwagon fan is someone who doesn’t go to games? So the fact that I watch every game at home doesn’t count for anything?


To further my revelation that this writer is full of shit, I was watching Sunday night baseball last night the Nationals vs Braves. The Nationals lead the NL East and the Braves aren’t far behind in second place by 4.5 games (I think). So there should be a lot of interest in this game, right? Well from the looks of the Atlanta crowd you sure wouldn’t know it. I looked up the attendance: 18,191 (36.8% full). The Phillies game attendance that day: 31,061 (71.2% full). So a team that has not made the playoffs since 2011 and has no shot at the playoffs this year and is quite frankly painful to watch can still fill a stadium over half full. But a team that has made the playoffs the last 2 years and is in the playoff hunt this year can’t fill a stadium to half capacity? And the Braves are #24 on the bandwagon list while the Phils are #1. This analysis is noted and completely inconsistent, not to mention outright false. Philly haters should stop trying to poke holes in our Phandom and just let us wallow in our own misery and mediocrity


Pop Addled 038 – Pigeonholed or Cornholed

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Keenan steps out and Jay steps in to discuss video games, TV as a storytelling medium, and the Michael Bay State in this weeks episode!

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Pop Addled Movie Special – Guardians of the Galaxy

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Feeling the need to clear away the bad taste left in our mouths by Michael Bay (something we have in common with Megan Fox, I’m sure), we saw Guardians of the Galaxy! We’ve got movie sign!

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