Pop Addled 036 – Japanized

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This week we discuss Big Hero 6, Disney’s first animated feature based on a Marvel property. And hey, how’s your throwback tolerance? Let’s talk about some Homestar Runner and some Sin City, whaddaya say!

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Comic Collection Cross-Section Vol. 1 – Page 303

As a collector of comics, I use Comic Book DB to track and catalog my collection. It’s a pretty comprehensive database of user-submitted information with some useful features that mostly tend towards the utilitarian, But that’s just perfect for making sure I don’t end up with multiple copies of Uncanny X-Men #169 when I’m trawling through the back issues at a comic shop.

...which is a classic btw.

…which is a classic btw. Morlocks, the Hellfire Club, Paul Smith, what more could you possibly want!

But the one purely aesthetic feature is the “cover gallery” which displays thumbnails of your collection (20 to a page) in a grid. I’ve always enjoyed killing some time paging through my covers online as a substitute for actually browsing my collection in person, since the logistics of figuring out which of my 25+ long boxes a given batch of books is contained in, lifting three other boxes off of that box, and hoping they’re in the correct order, can be a bit prohibitive. Aside from browsing my collection though, the cover gallery hasn’t served any other real purpose. I suppose it’s not really meant to. But what good is a collection if you can’t show it off! So I thought it would be fun to pick a random page of my cover gallery and talk a little about the books displayed there. So without further ado, here’s page 303 of my collection. Click the image below for a larger view.


Transhuman no. 3 & 4 – Here is the back half of Jonathan Hickman and JM Ringuet’s sci-fi tale of corporate intrigue and human evolution. Transhuman follows two rival companies that are both trying to advance the human race; one with cybernetics and the other through genetic mutation. The story is told through a series of interviews, journal entries, and news casts all delivered ex post facto. It’s somewhere between Planet of the Apes and Wall Street with some Mad Men thrown in too. It’s a great read that I think is a wonderful example of Hickman’s indie sci-fi work.

Trinity nos. 1-5 - After the success of 52 and Countdown, DC tried to keep the weekly year-long series train a-rollin’ with this book. I read 52 and enjoyed it, but Countdown lost me somewhere around issue 23, which was actually issue 29 because it was numbered in reverse because comics. Trinity promised connecting triptych covers and starring characters from the A-list, but sadly that was about it. I didn’t even complete the second triptych, which is saying something because I am a huge sucker for shit like that.

Trollords no. 4 – Your guess is as good as mine. I bought a box of old comics off a co-worker a few years ago and this was inside. I don’t think I even opened the front cover…

TSR Worlds Annual no. 1 – Something to do with Dungeons & Dragons? I dunno. Got it in a “bargain pack” I think. Nothing really of note here, except that in one of the stories, Rags Morales did some art.

Tumor – A crime/suspense graphic novel by horror writer Joshua Hale Fialkov. I picked it up when Borders was closing down and discounting all their comics to ridiculous prices. Haven’t actually read this yet, but damn that’s a nice cover, isn’t it?

Turf no. 1 – I remember vampires in this one. I think? I know from the cover it’s about 1920′s New York and…spaceships? Aliens maybe? But I definitely remember vampires. Anyway, I picked it up thinking I might like it, and I did. Tommy Lee Edwards was a big draw for me too. I also remember thinking I wanted to wait until a collected edition came out. Never got around to picking that up though. I’ll check Amazon later.

Turok, Dinosaur Hunter no. 1 – My dad gave me this issue when I was a little kid. Then he read it. Then he promptly took it away from me. I think he thought it would be just like the old Gold Key Turok that he read when he was a kid. This most decidedly was not that. Years later I found it tucked away somewhere with some old books (still in a bag and board, yay Dad), and added it into my collection. Not bad, Bart Sears art, ostentatious 90′s cover. Truly a fine specimen of 90′s comics that encapsulates all the failures and triumphs of the era.

Turok, Son of Stone no. 49 – Now this would be what my dad thought he was in store for when he bought me that Valiant Comics modern classic above. I got this issue from my father-in-law though, when he was cleaning out his fathers old apartment and found a big ol’ stack of his own childhood comics from the 60′s. He gave them all to me under the condition that if anything was worth something I sell it and split the return with him. Sadly most of the stash was in poor condition for selling, but for my reading purposes they suited me just fine.

The Twelve nos. 1/2 – 6The Twelve by J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston was one of those books that burned a lot of readers. It was a cool premise (heroes from WWII that were frozen by Nazi gas and revived in our current world) that was sadly hampered by a severe delay. But since that delay didn’t happen until issue 8, and we’re only up to issue 6 here, I’ll focus on the story. I enjoyed the idea that, Captain America was not the only hero to fight in WWII, and not only that, but he wasn’t the only one to be locked in suspended animation either. These twelve heroes though, were asleep three times longer than Cap’s paltry twenty years of icy slumber. Seeing them react to the current state of the world around them was compelling enough, but the added mystery surrounding some of the characters true origins and motives was what really drove the story. It was a good read with really nice art that I recommend to anyone who loves superhero stories with a gritty mature take or golden age characters in general. If you ever thought Dynamite’s Project Superpowers looked interesting but were disappointed by it’s lack of substance, check this series out.

Well, that’s today’s glimpse into my collection! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed straining to remember the details of these issues. Tune in for another installment next week. Hopefully. If I get around to it. If I feel like it.


Pop Addled 035 – Parachuting

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This week we talk about comics, a local creeper, bad editing, and documentaries.

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Pop Addled Classics 011 – Toe the Line

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In this classic episode we discuss the recently announced Walking Dead companion series and how other page-to-screen adaptations have fared, and Tim finds ESPN’s live game coverage…lacking.

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NHL Draft Win for Philly, But It Wasn’t Their Picks…

This year’s NHL Draft was held in Philadelphia this past Friday and Saturday. You would think I’d be writing about my excitement for the Flyers draft picks, which seemed to be good, but I’m actually talking about how awesome the Philly fans were and how proud they should be of themselves.

When fans outside of Philadelphia think of what it means to be a Philly fan they probably think about all the peripheral basic blanket statements that unoriginal flapping-head national media writers (ahem, all of ESPN) make saying they’re rude, raucous, ruthless; all culminating in the anecdotes like the time the fans booed Michael Irvin when he was seriously injured in a game, the fact that there is a court and jail at the Linc and former Vet stadiums, and of course the time the fans pegged Santa Claus himself with snowballs. All of these things are completely true of course (except for the Santa Claus thing…the fans were pegging him with snow balls because I think they pulled some dude out of the crowd to play the part and he was drunk as a skunk, so he deserved it).

A few things non-Philadelphia fans overlook about Philly fans is their passion, knowledge, and overall care for their teams. They definitely showed all three of these positive attributes as Commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, took the podium to announce the start of the draft. Philly fans booed him incessantly for his entire speech which ended in introducing the Florida Panthers with the first pick. I understand that all Commissioners of their respective sports get booed no matter what city they are in, but this was extraordinary in Philly. And Philly fans should be proud of giving Bettman a cold reception because he absolutely deserves it. The fact that this man has three lockouts on his resume and still holds a job is an absolute travesty.

Anyway, enough of my chattering. Check out this short article and click the link to see the 3 minute clip of Philly giving Bettman what he deserves.



Pop Addled 034 – The Depends-Ables

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This week Chris steps in for a vacationing Sam and the guys discuss The World Cup, 22 Jump Street, Maleficent, Star Wars, and video games!

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